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Christmas 2020
Beginning in March 2020, COVID grew to become a world-wide epidemic that shut down the personal interactions of neighbors, friends, co-workers and even family members during the year’s most important season of bringing people together around the world in the kindest of ways. The Choir felt prompted to continue their annual Christmas gift of music to help uplift and bring peace to those who were struggling to find light and hope at one of the most chaotic times in the history of the world. The 20-minute video below was created using available recordings of songs from past performances. Individual parts also were recorded and put together to appropriately create the video’s final song of Silent Night. A song whose lyrics were written and sung more than 200 years ago in Salzburg in a little church on Christmas Eve to bring hope and peace to its congregation during a time of post-war recovery and struggles from famine and hunger. This endearing and beloved Christmas carol’s message of “all is calm and all is bright” was needed more than ever two centuries later.

Special thanks to:  Rescue 1 Studios, MugglinWorks, Storyblocks, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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